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Thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions. Please set aside 30 minutes to answer them fully. As an insanely busy mom and entrepreneur, I value my time and yours and know that you're making an investment by just completing this application.

Your thoughtful answers to the following questions will let me know if we're a fit...and if you're ready for the work we could do together. This way, I don't waste your time (or money). My promise to you is that I won't take you on as a client if you're not truly ready to do the work to get a massive return on this investment. I want you to get tangible results from our work together.

I believe in fully showing up  for my new and ongoing clients and that is why I can only take on 1-2 *new* clients a month. I'll never overcommit or underdeliver. I'll always bring my A-game for you.

We'll make a great team if you are fun, authentic, full of integrity, highly accountable and most of all ready. to. take. action.

If your application is a fit, I'll be in touch within 1 - 5 business days. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Warmly, Jen

So tell me, what motivated you to take the time out of your day to complete this application?

And tell me about yourself.   :)

What are your hopes and dreams for yourself personally?

What is your vision for your business? Please describe in detail. Give me the snapshot of what it looks like today and what you want it to look like in a year.

What's the concept? Who is your ideal client (ICA) in a nutshell?

What is your service, program, or product? Have you launched this (these) programs/services already or are you in the process of creating them? What problem are you solving for your ideal client? Why would people invest in your service or product? What's your big promise? Please describe in detail.

And what kind of business consulting or coaching do you believe you need to get your business where you want it to be? A business strategy? A marketing plan? A financial strategy? Money mindset help? Brainstorming? A high-converting opt-in? Organization and a method for launching your online program? Something else? Please go into detail.

How are you currently getting clients/customers? And do you know how much it's costing you to get a new customer?

Is this method of obtaining clients/customers providing you the income and financial sustainability to grow your business and live the lifestyle you'd like?

How much income are you bringing in right now? And how much would you like to generate over the next 12-months? (give me an exact figure)

Would bringing in that level of income have an impact on other areas of your life? Tell me about that....

Between what you're earning now and what you'd like to be earning, tell me what's stopping you from achieving that on your own?

Is not having your desired income or a streamlined business plan having an affect on any other areas of your life? If yes, tell me how...

How quickly would you like to fix this?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how committed are you to making your vision a reality? (1 = not at all, 10 = fully committed)

How do you want to make the world a better place?

What have been your top 3 challenges to getting your vision off the ground?

Stevie Wonder or The Beatles? I must know...

I have found that those who make decisions from their gut, always turn out to be the BEST clients and we do amazing, game-changing work together.

Now, I want to let you in on something - in the next couple of months, my pricing will be doubling to $5000. My current clients are saying that what I delivered to them is worth much more than the $2500 listed on the site. So take a moment to sit with yourself and your business to meditate on whether you're ready to take action and really commit to upleveling your business (and life!) while the current pricing is still in effect.

I'm looking for clients who are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and invest in themselves. If you're not truly ready to commit to yourself and grow to the next level, my service is not a fit for you right now...and that's totally OK. I'll be here when you're ready. But if you're ready, I'd be honored to hand you the tools to make your business dreams happen. :)

So are you ready to get started?

And would you like to meet via Zoom for a 15-min Q&A chat with me first?

I reserve Q&A chats for those who already see how the investment in this service will bring them a HUGE ROI.

Think about it, if you invested $2500 or even $5000 in a stock and within 12-months it was worth $100K, you'd think that was a pretty phenomenal return, right? So, my chat appointments are for those 100% ready to make the financial investment into the action plan program but just want to meet me to get clarification around the process and talk celebrity crushes. :)

Please do not request a 15-min chat, if you're not ready to invest $2500 into the program, as it takes a spot away from someone who is ready to get started now.

So, would you like to schedule a 15-minute chat?

From the deepest part of my heart, THANK YOU, for taking your valuable time to reach out to me and complete this application. You'll hear from me soon! xo Jen

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